Áreas de Práctica
  • Litigation
  • Artbitration
  • Graduate Lawyer from Universidad de Lima, 2020



Irma Noriega
T: 4425100 A: 277 

Carmela is a member of the Corporate Litigation department. Her practice is focused in legal advisory regarding civil disputes, arbitration and litigation before administrative agencies.

She is graduate from Universidad de Lima, where she was ranked in fourth place of the 2020-I class.

She is an assistant professor of the “Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration” course at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos – UNMSM.

She is also a member of the Civil Association ADV Editores, which edits and publishes the legal review ADVOCATUS. During 2016-2 term, she was a member of the Directive Board and Director of the Sales Commitee.

In addition, she is a member of Arbitraje Alumni, association formed by people related to the International Arbitration Competition organized by Universidad de Buenos Aires and Universidad del Rosario. She participated in the XI and XII editions of the competition, in which the team representing Universidad de Lima reached the round of sixteen and semifinals, respectively.

Carmela carried out her pre-professional practices in the Law Firms Miranda & Amado and Rebaza, Alcázar & De las Casas.

She speaks Spanish and English fluently.