Life Sciences

At Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas we have a Life Sciences area focused on providing specialized legal advice on issues related to pharmacology, medicine, food safety, cleaning and hygiene products, as well as agricultural health.

We have participated in multiple M&A transactions focused on health sector companies with clients such as Laboratorio Clínico Blufstein, Laboratorio Clínico Roe, Cardinal Health, sellers of Clínica el Golf, Clínica Internacional, Clínica Ricardo Palma, Grupo Portugal, the Mexican group Grupo Casa Saba, among others. Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers is familiar with the regulatory entities in this sector, mainly DIGEMID, DIGESA and SENASA.

We are trained to answer specialized queries related to medical devices, telemedicine, medical trials; as well as to conduct administrative procedures, inspection procedures and advice on importing medical and sanitary products; all this in conjunction with our areas dedicated to administrative law, intellectual property, data protection and tax, with particular emphasis on customs law.

Team: Ricardo Cárdenas, Mirko Medic

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