Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas Venture Capital & Technology department has become one of the most active and well renowned departments in the market, representing anywhere from startups and fast growth-stage companies throughout their business life cycle, to matured international technology corporations with operations in the country in a broad range of areas as M&A, regulatory matters, commercial and technology contracts and transactions, IP, data privacy, dispute resolution, among others.


Partner: Alexandra Orbezo

    Our clients are mainly companies that relate to technology in one way or another. While some are directly involved in the business of developing technology, others find themselves in the need of new technologies to subsist or sustain growth or have implemented business models essentially based on the use of technological solutions. 

    Our Venture Capital & Technology department stands out, for its capabilities to handle high-profile transactions with a sophisticated team of lawyers working across labor, tax, regulatory, intellectual property and privacy matters to support technology clients and emerging entrepreneurs in their businesses.

    For startups and emerging tech ecosystems, where capital efficiency is crucial, we advise our clients in both the early stages of their projects, such as getting organized and incorporated, as well as in taking them to the next level by raising money for their financing rounds, whether it be through friends and family, angel investors, investment funds, or strategic corporate investors.

    For investors, we provide strategic advice in the structuring, drafting and negotiation of stock purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements and other documentation to execute their investments, with the aim of maximizing returns and averting potential risks, with experience in both, local and foreign markets.

    For Incubators, Accelerators and Investors’ Networks, we play an important educational role by participating in venture capital conferences and workshops that also enable us to support startups throughout the founding process and connecting them with angel investors.

    For corporate investors, we advise them on corporate venturing and strategic investments by structuring and negotiating preliminary and definitive agreements to execute their investments in startups or in the execution of strategic commercial alliances in order to capitalize on new technologies in the future and create synergies with the corporation’s existing business.

    For both growing and established technology companies abroad, we provide the right legal assistance in their business expansion to Peru, helping them to quickly and comfortably start and develop their business activity in the country, throughout a broad range of legal matters, that involve, among others, advice in the process of incorporation of the company, the analysis of applicable regulatory obligations, and tax and employment matters.

    transacciones relevantes venture capital:


    Asesoría a Chazki Holdings, Inc en el levantamiento de sus Ronda Serie A por un monto de US$ 7 millones. La ronda contó con la participación del Grupo Talipot de México y Grupo Falabella de Chile, entre otros inversionistas.


    Asesoría a Facebook en la inversión conjunta realizada con Telefónica del Perú, el Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina (CAF) y el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) en el proyecto Internet para Todos.


    Asesoría a Kréalo, brazo de innovación abierta del Grupo Credicorp, en su inversión en Culqi, startup dedicada al desarrollo de un pasarela de pagos para el sector e-commerce.

    1. BREIN

    Asesoría a BREIN, brazo de innovación abierta del Grupo Breca, en la estructuración legal y preparación de los documentos necesarios para la implementación de su programa de colaboración estratégica con startups.


    Asesoría a Angel Ventures, red de inversionistas ángeles, en la estructuración de su fondo de inversión enfocado en liderar la inversión en etapa semilla y rondas Serie A en startups con modelos de negocio dirigidos al mercado latinoamericano.


    Asesoría a Chazki Holdings, Inc en la estructura de la adquisición de su competidor chileno, TodoVa SpA, permitiéndole a Chazki hacer un soft landing en el sector de gestión logística de última milla en Chile.



      Asesoría a Delivery Hero, empresa integrante del grupo alemán que opera, en la adquisición de Hello Food Panda S.A.C., operadora de la plataforma de delivery de alimentos, Lima Delivery.


      Asesoría a Krealo en su inversión en Comercio Digital Integral S.A.C., subsidiaria del Grupo El Comercio dedicada a la operación del marketplace digital,

      1. GRUPO WIESE

      Asesoría a Grupo Wiese en su inversión semilla en la plataforma de centro comercial digital (mall online),


      Asesoría a Chazki Holdings, Inc en la negociación de un acuerdo de colaboración estratégica con Grupo Falabella de Chile, incluyendo la provisión de capital de trabajo para financiar el lanzamiento de sus operaciones en Chile y una opción a favor de Falabella para convertir la deuda en capital.


      Asesoría a Krealo en su inversión en Wally POS S.A.C., startup dedicada al desarrollo de un Software como Servicio (SaaS) de solución de punto de ventas.


      Advice to Chazki Holdings Inc, in raising its Series A Round for an amount of USD 7 million. The round featured the participation of Grupo Talipot from Mexico and Grupo Falabella from Chile, among other investors.

      Advice to Facebook in the joint investment made with Telefónica del Perú, the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in the Internet for All project.

      Advice to Kréalo, the open innovation arm of the Credicorp Group, on its investment in Culqi, a startup dedicated to the development of a payment gateway for the e-commerce sector.

      Advice to BREIN, the open innovation arm of the Breca Group, in the legal structuring and preparation of the necessary documents for the implementation of its strategic collaboration program with startups.

      Advising Angel Ventures, a network of angel investors, in the structuring of its investment fund focused on leading investment in the seed stage and Series A rounds in startups with business models aimed at the Latin American market.

      Advised Chazki Holdings, Inc in the structure of the acquisition of its Chilean competitor, TodoVa SpA, allowing Chazki to make a soft landing in the last mile logistics management sector in Chile.

      Advice to Delivery Hero, a member company of the German group that operates, in the acquisition of Hello Food Panda S.A.C., operator of the food delivery platform, Lima Delivery.

      Advice to Krealo in its investment in Comercio Digital Integral S.A.C., a subsidiary of Grupo El Comercio dedicated to the operation of the digital marketplace,

      Advising Grupo Wiese on its seed investment in the digital shopping center platform (online mall),

      Advice to Chazki Holdings, Inc in the negotiation of a strategic collaboration agreement with Grupo Falabella of Chile, including the provision of working capital to finance the launch of its operations in Chile and an option in favor of Falabella to convert the debt into equity .

      Advice to Krealo on his investment in Wally POS S.A.C., a startup dedicated to the development of a Software as a Service (SaaS) point of sale solution.

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