Our firm Capital Markets area is well known for it important practice, both in local and international operations. Our counsel covers all aspects of operations in Capital Market, from structuring capital instruments, to their issuance and placement. We provide specialized advice on:                                                

  • Public and private offers.
  • Primary offers.
  • Secondary offers.
  • Investment Funds and Mutual Investment Funds.
  • Securitizations.
  • Crowdfunding.
  • Securities Market regulation.

Partners: Alberto RebazaRafael AlcázarFelipe BoissetLuis Miguel EliasDaniel Gonzáles


The ability of our lawyers to execute all types of transactions and provide regulatory advice in the capital market, our client-oriented experience and understanding of the different businesses, are highly recommended:

Primary and Secondry offerings

Our team has advised companies and market entities on issues of all types of securities representing debt and issued by companies, either through public offering or private offering.

Our knowledge of the market and relationship with the main players in the world market (issuers, investors and underwriters), has allowed us to participate with great success in issuance operations of our clients with subsidiaries in multiple jurisdictions (i.e. high yield debt offering).

Operations of Investment Funds and Mutual Investment Funds

Nuestro equipo tiene una extensa experiencia representando inversionistas, agentes de colocación, sponsors, en la formación de todo tipo de fondos públicos y privados. En los últimos años hemos participado en la constitución de distintos fondos, como: deuda, capital, infraestructura, factoring, distressed funds, venture capital, inmobiliarios, entre otros. Our team has extensive experience representing investors, placement agents, sponsors, in the formation of all types of public and private funds. In recent years, we have participated in the incorporation of different funds, such as: debt, equity, infrastructure, factoring, distressed, venture capital, real estate funds, among others.

We are recognized for having a leading practice based on extensive experience in our knowledge of the market.

Securitization Operations

Our team constantly participates in the design, structuring of the operation, incorporation and registration of securitization trusts of all kinds and their management companies, offering sophisticated and innovative solutions. We are consultants in the structuring of securitizations of a wide variety of assets and industries.

Our clients are participants in the structured finance market; therefore, we have a business understanding of securitization and other structured products that are necessary for your business.

In recent years we have participated in the following transactions, all of which are recognized by the main legal directories.


We provide advice on the structuring of financing operations through the issuance of securities under the crowdfunding mechanism. Given the recent regulation of crowdfunding, we focus on aspects related to the implementation and adaptation of the new regulation.

Regulation of the Stock Market

We care about keeping our clients updated with changes and regulatory improvements in the Securities Market regulation, as well as the financial regulation that has an impact on this sector. We provide permanent advice to regulated companies, as well as issuers of securities in the fulfillment of their contractual and regulatory obligations. We have significant experience in consulting related to the treatment of privileged information and procedures for the approval of confidential reporting.

The commitment of our team to our clients has led our specialists to develop Capital Market bulletins that kept our national and international clients up to date with the latest regulatory adjustments, demonstrating that our work remains at the forefront of the Peruvian financial and legal system.

In addition to our specialized knowledge in securities market regulation, our strength in structuring operations in this sector comes from our tax area, whose practice focus on the financial system and the securities market.



Camposol, on the issuance of “Senior Notes Due 2027” for up to USD 350 million in the international market, under Rule 144-A/Reg. S.

Nexa Resources, on the tender offer launched in the international market for the “Notes Due 2023” up to an amount of USD 343 million.

GyM S.A., on the design of a system of exchange of short-term debt bonds of S/ 80 million with a term of up to 8 years.

Fondo Mivivienda, on the First Corporate Bond Program up to S/ 250 millon.

Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC, Banco Bradesco BBI S.A., BB Securities Ltd., Santander Investment Securities Inc. and Scotia Capital (USA) Inc., as Initial Purchasers, on the issuance of Senior Notes for up to USD 500 million made by Nexa Resources S.A. (Luxemburgo).

Hudbay Minerals, on the issuance of Senior Unsecured Notes for up to USD 600 million international markets due 2029.

Administradora Jockey Plaza Shopping Center on a complex and important re-negotiation with bondholders of its First Corporate Bonds Program, up to USD  150’000,000.00

HMC SAFI in the launch of two investment funds, “Fondo HMC Crédito Perú II (USD), FI” and “Fondo HMC Crédito Perú II (PEN), FI” (Both up to USD 250 million), one in local currency and the other in foreign currency. Both investment funds are oriented to the investment of debt instruments, both publicly and privately offered, issued by private companies.

Hudbay Minerals, on the issuance of Senior Unsecured Notes for up to USD 600 million international markets due 2026.

Andino Capital Gestora de Fondos de Inversión S.A., private fund manager, and Inversiones Portuarias S.A., in its capacity as investor, in the structuring of a private fund por USD 50 million which is destined to provide financial solutions to midsize companies in Peru.

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