Practice areas
  • White Collar Crime and Internal Investigations
  • Compliance
  • Graduate lawyer from Federico Villarreal National University, 2022.
  • Lawyer by Federico Villarreal National University, 2023. Summa Cum Laude.
  • Master’s Studies in Criminal Law from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP).


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Irma Noriega
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Raul is an Associate in the White-Collar Crime and Compliance areas of our firm. His practice is focused on corporate criminal advice and criminal litigation to legal and natural persons, both national and foreign.

Raul is a lawyer from the Federico Villarreal National University with the thesis titled: “Deliberate ignorance in the legislative formula “should have presumed” in the crime of money laundering in Peru”, which was approved with the highest qualification (Summa Cum Laude) and with recommendation for publication.

Raul has a Master’s Studies in Criminal Law from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP, where he currently works as an adjunct professor of the “Theory of Crime” course.

During his university years he obtained First Place in the student presentation competition held within the framework of the XXVI Latin American Congress – XVIII Ibero-American Congress – XVI National Congress of Criminal Law and Criminology, with the article titled “Improper Violence in the crime of aggravated robbery. Regarding the crime committed by the so-called peperas”, this research was later published in the magazine “Gaceta Penal & Criminal Procedure” in Volume 147, in 2021.

Raul is principal member and former academic coordinator of the “Criminal Dogmatics Workshop of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM)”. In addition, he is an associate in the Reader Seminar for young researchers in criminal law and criminal sciences in Peru.

Raul has given lectures on criminal matters at different academic events organized at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Universidad Ruiz de Montoya, Universidad San Luis Gonzaga – Ica, among other universities.

Raul has developed his pre-professional practices in the criminal area of Estudio Jurídico Talavera & Valdivia. Subsequently, he has worked as a jurisdictional assistant of the Specialized System for Officials Corruption and Organized Crime – National Superior Court.