senior Associate

Practice areas
  • Litigation

  • Arbitration

  • Lawyer by Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 2018.

  • Specialization Program in International Arbitration and Investments by AmCham Peru and the Universidad del Pacífico, 2021.

  • Member of the team that advised the Peruvian State against a foreign telecommunications company in an arbitration under ICSID rules. Various investment treaty guarantees were at issue (fair and equitable treatment, among others).
  • Advising a power generation company to prevent a dispute that could culminate in an international arbitration under ICC rules with its Supplier. The conflict was caused by a sinister that occurred because the Supplier breached its contractual obligations.
  • Advising a power generation company in the prevention of conflicts that could culminate in a national commercial arbitration against the insurance company.
  • Representation of a power generation company in a national arbitration regarding the termination of a distribution agreement.
  • Representation of a power generation company in a national arbitration regarding the breach of the contractual obligations of the constructor during the construction of a hydroelectric plant.
  • Representation of a securitization entity in a national arbitration on the enforcement of a securitization trust agreement.
  • Representation of a securitization entity in a national arbitration in relation to the defense of the trust property.
  • Representation of a natural person against a trust entity in two national arbitrations. The first related to the scope of the right to information of the trustees and the second on the correct administration of the trust by the trustee.
  • Representation of construction companies that provided services to Odebrecht Group in arbitrations and negotiations, so that they can collect their owed payments.
  • Representation of one of the main energy companies in a national arbitration on the scope of the CAR policy against an insurance company, as well as the preparation of witnesses and international experts.
  • Representation of a Spanish company in a national arbitration against a construction consortium on the construction of a refinery.
  • Representation of consortiums in national arbitrations against contractors for resolution of contracts.
  • Representation of supplying equipment companies and services providing companies in national arbitrations for breach of contractual obligations.
  • Representation of a natural person in a national arbitration regarding the early termination of a surface right agreement by one of the main Peruvian supermarkets.
  • Representation of a company related to the oil, gas, and infrastructure industry in a national arbitration against a company in the mining industry on the determination of accounts receivable.
  • Representation of natural person in testamentary arbitrations.
  • Representation of a foreign company specialized in the design, engineering and development of aerospace and satellite systems in a commercial arbitration.
  • Representation of professional soccer players in arbitrations related to exclusive agreements with the main international sports brands and companies.
  • Representation of companies that provide security services in arbitrations on government contracts related to the execution and resolution of contracts, as well as the collection of penalties.
  • Representation of a mining corporation in an arbitration on preferential acquisition rights.
  • Representation of a shareholder in an arbitration regarding a controversy related to the wind-up of a fishing company.

Other relevant cases

  • Representation of one of the main advertising companies in an amparo judicial process against a self-enforced norm for being confiscatory and violate, among others, the right to freedom of enterprise.
  • Representation of an important pharmaceutical company in the filing of an amparo lawsuit in other to safeguard the health and cleaning personnel right to life and health.
  • Advising a group of landowners and investors during the mediation with the Municipality of Lima and merchants from Gallery “Las Malvinas”, successfully reaching the demolition of the Nicolini building.
  • Legal and constant advice to an important beverage company in several transactions.



Irma Noriega
T: (511) 4425100 A: 277

Úrsula Piedra is a lawyer graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. She has completed the specialization program in international arbitration and investments by AmCham Peru and Universidad del Pacífico (2021), as well as taking courses in the second specialization program in civil procedural law at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2018).

She specializes in the design of strategies, transactions, and defense in international and national arbitration litigation, as well as judicial litigation in contractual, insurance, corporate, administrative, constitutional, public and private contracting, infrastructure of large projects, energy and civil liability.

She has participated in important constitutional processes of protection related to health and safety issues, as well as free enterprise, and safeguarding the principle of non-confiscation. She has been part of the worktable for the demolition of the “Nicolini” Building. In addition, she has advised companies from several industries in national and international arbitrations, court proceedings, emergency arbitration procedures, annulment procedures and transactions.

Ursula is author of the comments to the article 51 of the New Constitutional Procedural Code of Perú and is Adjunct Professor of the “Arbitration” course at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC). She also was teaching assistant of the course “Law of Obligations” in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and also has assisted the Ex-President of the Constitutional Court in a Project, where she made the compilation and summaries of the Constitutional Court last Rulings.”

Úrsula is a member of the Law Review Ius Et Veritas.

Before her incorporation, she was part of Arbitration and Litigation Law Firm Boutiques Simons Abogados and Miguel Grau Q. Abogados.

She speaks fluently Spanish and English and has knowledge of German.​